Cremini Mushroom Brown Rice

Made this rice tonight. If you didn’t already know, Cremini mushrooms are baby Portobello mushrooms. It went well with my Chili Rubbed Pork Tenderloin recipe.  I used brown basmati rice but you can use regular long grain brown rice. I like brown basmati because it’s a little nuttier, with a bit of a crunch.  What I always forget when I cook it, is it takes a longer period of time to cook, unlike the white basmati or regular brown rice. So keep that in mind.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes-regular brown rice- 45 minutes for brown basmati

Serves: 3-4


1 tablespoon oil for frying

1 cup uncooked brown rice

3 cups of sliced cremini mushrooms

2 tablespoons of good soy sauce- I love China Lily brand

1 cup of chicken broth-use beef broth if that’s what you have on hand

1 cup of mushroom broth- I soaked some dried mushrooms I had on hand with boiling water and then strained off the mushrooms and grainy bits through a sieve and cheesecloth.  If you don’t have mushroom broth, just use 1 cup of chicken, beef or vegetable broth in place of it.

1/3 cup green onions thinly sliced


1.  Heat a medium sized pot on the stove top at a medium high heat.  When pot is hot, add oil and then add sliced mushrooms, cook until slightly browned, around 4 minutes.

Rice and Cremini Mushrooms being Sauteed

2.  Now add the uncooked rice.  Stir well into the mushrooms and let the rice toast a little, cooking for around 3 minutes. Have your chicken broth, mushroom broth and soy mixture ready.  Now slowly pour the broth/soy mixture into your rice mushroom mixture, mixing well.

Soy Broth Mixture Added to Sauteed Rice and Mushrooms

3.  Bring this mixture up to a boil, then turn down to low and cover with a lid. It will need to cook for about 30 minutes if plain brown rice, almost an hour if brown basmati rice.  You will know your rice is ready when all the liquid is gone and the rice is fluffy and cooked through.

4.  When rice is finished cooking, stir in the thinly sliced green onion, season if necessary with salt and pepper and serve.


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