Hendrick's Gin


Hendrick's Gin and Tonic

I learned of Hendrick’s Gin a few years ago and have been enjoying gin and tonics this summer made with it.  Hendricks Gin has a unique flavor profile of floral and vegetal.  You can add a twist of lime or what I prefer are 4 slices of english cucumber for a summer fresh flavor. You certainly don’t need to use Hendrick’s Gin for your Gin and Tonic, there are many other wonderful gins out there, use your favorite.



1  1/2- 2 ounces of chilled Hendrick’s Gin –http://www.hendricksgin.com/age-verification.aspx?ReturnUrl=/default.aspx

Tonic water from a fresh can or bottle

4 slices of english cucumber or a twist of lime ( if you prefer use both)

Lots of ice- I like to fill my glass to the top with ice

A glass- short or tall whatever you prefer


1) Chill the glass. You may want to fill it with ice, then empty it and refill, as some bartenders do with a martini glass.

2) Fill the glass with whole ice cubes. If you wish, take a wedge of lime and moisten the rim of the glass with it.

3) Pour the gin over the ice, which should be cold enough that it crackles when the liquor hits it.  Add the cucumber slices.

4) Fill glass almost to the top with tonic.

5) Squeeze one wedge of lime into the glass.  Drop the squeezed lime into the drink as a garnish if you like; it’s not necessary, but can add a bit of extra flavor.  I like to mix the drink up a little with a spoon then serve.




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