Well we finished the smoothie diet today, our 12th day.  I lost 8.5 pounds, which I’m thrilled about but I now need to slowly get back into eating everyday food.  We will still drink the smoothies during the day, for the next few weeks, while eating a well rounded dinner each evening. You don’t want to jump right back into fatty food because you will pay with a stomach ache.  Anyway, I’d like to keep the weight off, what’s the point of following the diet if you are going to put all the weight back on.

This diet really points out how little you need to eat to subsist, if the food is super nutritious.  The problem for us is, we just get tired of only drinking smoothies and eating the fruit and vegetables, I can’t live permanently that way.  I love cheese, bread, pasta, meat and the odd gin and tonic or cosmo too much.

So even if, after the diet you don’t want to continue on with the smoothies, at the least, it might point out some bad eating habits, like, maybe you snack too much between meals or snack on the wrong things. Another example would be eating late in the evening, which isn’t a good thing because you don’t burn it off.  Following this diet will make you more aware of what you are eating, I know it did my sister.  For one, she never thought she could drink skim milk, but she does now and can’t imagine drinking milk with fat in it.  Her lattes every morning are now made with skim milk. That’s an everyday habit that will make a difference in the long run.

So try it out, this is a link to the website,,  and if anyone would like the handbook with all the recipes and lots of tips and nutritional information (101 pages long), let me know in a comment with your email address or if you know me, just email me and I will email it to you.  I don’t stick to the recipes, I customize the smoothies to what we like and you can too. Good luck!

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