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Welcome to Katheryn’s Kitchen.  

The first thing you should know is that Katheryn’s Kitchen is a blog or personal website and was created by me, Katheryn Leszczynski.

Katheryn’s Kitchen is my personal website, with only recipes tested by me, my family and friends.  Please try the recipes, and if you like,  leave constructive feedback in the comments.  As I cook a recipe multiple times, I often think of improvements and update the recipes.  So keep in mind that what you see here is a work in progress.


How I got started.

I’ve always loved cooking.  I recall having dinner parties in high school and always being interested in what was for dinner.  My Mom is a great cook and so was my grandmother, and they have had a strong influence on me.  My grandmother had a large garden in her backyard in small town Saskatchewan.  I fondly remember her borscht with all fresh ingredients from her garden; beets, potatoes, carrots, beans and dill.  We loved picking strawberries from her huge strawberry patch, not much tastes or smells better than freshly picked strawberries.

I went to school in Alberta to become a professional chef and worked as a chef for 16 years, I decided to change careers but still continue to love cooking.

Through all these years I have acquired many recipes, from many sources and tend to twist them to my and my families liking.  I rarely use any recipe as it was written.  My blog is a great resource for all these recipes and a way to share them with everyone.

The recipes shown here use mostly whole food ingredients and only occasionally a few things from cans or prepared foods.  I believe in a varied diet, using real butter, cream and eggs, meats, fish, cheese and a variety of green vegetables and fresh fruits.  There will also be a number of sweet recipes because who can live without cinnamon buns, cookies, cakes and chocolate.

Please enjoy the recipes, old and new, I look forward to your feedback.

Thanks for visiting Katheryn’s Kitchen!



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